Treating fertility issues

Homeopathic medicine is very effective in treating men and women’s reproductive problems because it stimulates the body’s own ability to heal itself rather than inhibit or suppress the body’s attempt to become well.

I have treated many couples successfully with homeopathic medicine. All these cases have shown using homeopathic treatment for anywhere up to six months will re-establish their overall health and help women, who were up until that time unable to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Many infertile couples can get pregnant using a homeopathic fertility programme to address many issues that are at the root cause of infertility. These can be concerns such as toxicity, decreased or no ovulation, irregular cycles, poor endometrial lining, PCOS, nutritional deficiency etc.

Often a woman’s infertility can be due to taking the contraceptive pill or equivalent for a long period of time. These days women stay on the OCD longer so they can pursue their careers.

Unfortunately the longer a woman delays conception, the greater her risk of infertility. Age does affect egg quality, ovulation and mucus quality. Also, the increase of sugar in processed foods does contribute to an increase in candida and consequently poor mucus quality.

I use a programme that was created and developed by Australian Homeopath Liz Lalor, which has an over 85% success rate of conception within the first four to six months. All the women in this study gave birth to healthy babies.

The homeopathic remedies used in this programme are known to bring hormonal balance and have an affinity for woman’s reproductive systems. They are most helpful when experiencing painful menses, PMS, PCOS, irregular, delayed or no menses, or luteal phase defect.

If a man has low sperm count, low sperm motility and erectile dysfunction, homeopathy can help correct imbalances and restore general health and sexual function.

Homeopathy can help you get pregnant and stay pregnant even if you have had recurrent miscarriages. During the consultation the remedies prescribed will be based on physical, mental and emotional imbalances the are characteristic of the situation. 

Homeopathy is effective in restoring fertility in women and for improving fertility in men. It is always wonderful to receive a text or phone call from a couple letting me know they are pregnant.