Take a bite out of trauma..

I broke a molar tooth in half last week while chewing and my first thought was ‘not the dentist!’   If you’re anything like me when it comes to going to the dentist, memories of archaic treadle drills and the smell of methylated spirits instantly take me back to the “murder house anxiety” and images of the dental nurse welcoming me to her sterile environment.  I’m certain many adults from my generation still shudder at the thought that this conjures up. Growing up, a trip to the dental clinic was often a child’s first encounter with non-accidental pain.

Dentistry today is quite different and those feared drills are far more sleek and sophisticated with treatment being far superior to those times. Even though this is the case, ‘murder house anxiety’ is still ever present.

Fortunately I had Homeopathy to help me through this experience. The use of homeopathy when having dental work is a First Aid situation. Homeopathic medicines can help a patient with a particular procedure and the trauma caused throughout it. If there is a chronic state, in which the teeth have been affected, it would be best to see a Homeopath to really get an in depth picture of the whole person. Homeopathic medicines assist with a range of common ailments experienced, such as pain, discomfort, inflammation and bleeding. These can also be important in calming dental anxieties, speeding recovery and making the experience in the dentist’s chair generally a bit more relaxed.

Some useful homeopathic remedies you can use at home before, during and after acute dental care are, Arnica; this is wonderful for pain in the tooth, removal of fillings, or after an extraction where you may feel sore and bruised. It also helps with trauma of the dental work, inflammation and swelling. Phosphorus; when there is excessive bleeding or when the area starts to bleed a little later on after the procedure. Phosphorus is also good post anesthesia, if you are experiencing lingering affects, such as nausea, sleepiness and feeling droopy. Ruta grav; is great for when there has been work on gums. Hypericum; will help with nerve pain after drilling, and when there is discomfort through a root canal / extraction, or the nerves have been injured and the pain will radiate. Aconite is helpful for shock, panic and fear.

Homeopathic medicines can help with every facet of dental work, and some are specific to certain oral conditions, but homeopathy is not a replacement for the skills used in everyday dental procedures. It is a useful complement, particularly in helping apprehensive patients to get through dental treatment just like me.