What to expect from a consultation

The consult begins by taking the clients full history in their own words.

As Homeopaths we ask specific questions to understand what makes their clients particular symptoms better or worse. For example do the symptoms vary from the time of day or the season, when they are at rest, or during physical exercise. Does bathing with cold or warm water, make it better or worse. Does a certain position, such as standing, sitting or lying change anything. Or does eating a certain food aggravate these symptoms.

Other questions Homeopaths may ask are:

-       Do you have any food cravings or dislikes of certain foods

-       Do you get thirsty

-       Do you prefer warm or cold drinks

-       We ask about your sleep patterns and dreams

-       We observe eye contact, body posture, breathing patterns and physical expressions.

As a Homeopath we do not perform a physical examination, as does a Medical Doctor. Rather we ask particular questions that will lead to what is known as a “symptom picture.” Questions we may also ask are about family, social, occupational and past medical history. A history of the use of medications and other therapeutic modalities is also sought. We also look at certain characteristics of the client such as type of skin and hair, favourite activities or hobbies. If a client feels critical, unassertive, timid, angry, sensitive etc, we find these questions are often the most difficult to answer, yet the most revealing. All these descriptions give the Homeopath a better understanding of the client’s personal style or modus operandi within the circumstance of their world as unique to them.  We also find out about the clients personality, how they cope with stress, their fears or anxieties.

Overall we are trying to find symptoms that are particular to the client as this gives us the ‘tools’ to individualize them as a whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally. The goal as a Homeopath is to take away the symptoms and remove the underlying cause of the problem by stimulating the body’s natural curative ability.