After many years trying to fall pregnant, I didn’t think we would ever be able to have children. After being on the fertility programme for 3 months, my body became healthier, more relaxed and less stressed. I am now 5 months pregnant and feeling really happy and healthy. Thank you so much Jane for all your help and giving us the gift of pregnancy.
— A.L. Age 33

What's involved?

I have recommended the fertility programme to friends who are trying to conceive. We had been trying to become pregnant for 3 years and after 2 miscarriages, were on the waiting list for IVF treatment. Until a work colleague suggested we contact Jane. After being on the fertility programme for two months, we conceived our first baby, and now have a beautiful baby girl. I am so grateful for Jane and would highly recommend this programme to anyone trying to conceive.
— D.K. Age 35

Fertility Programme

You are probably here because you have tried everything you can to fall pregnant. You may have had one or several miscarriages. You may have  been thinking to yourself  "what is wrong with me?", "it's all my fault, I haven't look after my body properly over the years." And that perhaps family and friends don't really understand what you are going through. You may feel a sense of pressure, anxiety or sadness. It can all feel overwhelming and 'soul crushing.'

Nature, as we’ve found out, does not work on our time clock. For several years now we have been trying to conceive, and every month, as the end of my cycle approaches, I wait with great anticipation, and then deep sadness, as my period comes.
— Anon

Homeopathic fertility treatment is the  best part of my practice in that I can help couples become pregnant and deliver healthy babies naturally using the Liz Lalor Fertility Programme. I have helped many couples conceive naturally through this programme and I now consult with clients from all over Hawkes Bay who want to increase their fertility. I am thrilled when a couple contact me to say they would like to cancel their next appointment because they are pregnant.

The homeopathic fertility programme is designed to:

  • Treat any underlying pathology
  • Tone the reproductive system, balance hormones and help ensure healthy ovulation
  • Improve the quality of vaginal mucus and remove thrush and candida (if applicable)
  • Improve any inherited weaknesses whilst treating the whole person to raise energy levels and vitality and help deal with any other health problems and improve response to stress.

During the programme you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of your body
  • Feel safe, heard, understood and not alone
  • Be informed through each stage of treatment
  • Change your body, relax your state of mind to create overall health and wellbeing

Before the first consultation, I will ask you to have blood tests done for FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and progesterone levels. Also as part of the programme I ask you to use LH (Lutenizing Hormone) strips, these will help me indicate if you are ovulating. A sperm test can be done after the initial consultation if there is evidence to support a possible low sperm count.

At the first consultation, I will gather information about you and your partner's health history as well as your ovulation and menstrual symptoms. This is done so I can find the best fertility programme for you, that suits your needs, along with other symptoms you may be experiencing. Once I have established all your symptoms and requirements, the programme will involve you taking 4 to 5 remedies daily and weekly throughout each month you are on the programme. In addition, I recommend a good quality women's multi-vitamin with the right levels of folic acid, and a female hormonal homeobotanical formula taken daily. I also offer advise about diet. For example, I use a diagnostic machine to determine a history of candida. If candida is present it is important to find the best diet and eliminate foods which maybe impacting directly on vaginal health.  This programme is designed to detox and support the female body to produce fertile conditions necessary for conception. The male partner may be prescribed homeopathic remedies, supplements and dietary advice to improve sperm health if required. 

The programme consists of 4-5 consultations over a period of 4-5 months. There is no one size fits all homeopathic remedy for infertility and each person's body, circumstances and emotions are different. The programme works individually and I create a solution that is specialised to you and your needs.  It is designed to allow your body to be able to conceive a baby and also to be able to hold the baby during pregnancy.

Can I be on the programme?

The programme is suitable for couples dealing  with unexplained infertility, irregular cycles, no cycles, PCOS, endometriosis, blocked tubes, poor egg quality and poor sperm health. The programme is not suitable for women with no viable eggs or for men who do not produce any sperm. It is important also to note that the programme has limited success with women over the age of 42.

Though, the programme can be used as a preparation for IVF and clinical experience has shown this to improve the outcomes during IVF cycle. It is recommended that couples do at least three to four cycles on the programme before undergoing IVF treatment.

I do not work longer than 5 months  with a couple, this is a contract I outline at the first consultation. It is important for me not to promise something I can not deliver. As I understand it is an emotionally difficult and challenging time.

Did you know that?

In New Zealand infertility affects up to 15% of couples trying to conceive and have a baby. Being unable to conceive has an intense psychological effect on both partners, this further leads to depression, anxiety and stress. Research shows that stress is a major factor, as well as aprimary reason for infertility problems.

Gender is not a significant factor in infertility. About 30% of infertility cases are caused by female factors alone and 30% by male factors alone. Another 30% are caused by combined female and male factors, and 10% of infertility cases cannot be explained.

If you would like to make an appointment or find out more information about this programme, please either fill in your details below or call me on 027 2333343.

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